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Montreal based Adobe Productions International has been producing and directing award winning, international documentaries since 1986. The company has over 60 documentaries to it’s credit with films made throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, the United States and the Caribbean.  Robbie Hart, founder and président, has also made several highly acclaimed films in his hometown of Montreal, Québec as well as others across Canada. ADOBE’s camera has focused on a wide range of subject matter ranging from politics,human rights, international relations and the developing world, to arts, culture and sports.  Documentary series, feature docs, festival distinctions, theatrical releases and international distribution have all been a part of the remarkable 37 year history of ADOBE PRODUCTIONS INTERNATIONAL.


Some of ADOBE’s best known documentary series are TURNING SIXTEEN, 8 x 60  on teenagers around the world and RAINMAKERS, a 13 part series on human rights activists. Robbie’s films have earned numerous festival distinctions including Banff Rockie, Hot Docs, NHK, Nord-Sud, Chicago, Columbus, Gemini-Gemeaux and Canadian Screen awards. Several of the above listed titles were co-directed with Luc Côté, Robbie’s longtime ADOBE partner. 

Other award winning ADOBE docs have been directed by Bobbi Jo Hart.  Many of these films have been sold worldwide, most notably « I AM NOT A ROCK STAR, REBELS ON POINTE & FANNY – The Right to Rock. »   Finally,  ICE BREAKER – THE ‘72 SUMMIT SERIES, is written directed and co-produced by Robbie. The 95 minute feature documentary is a co-production between Montreal based Adobe Productions International  and Peter Raymont's Toronto based White Pine Pictures. The doc is currently screening in theatres, festivals and special events across Canada and was recently nominated for a prestigious Banff Rockie Award.

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